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Employees Who Challenge Leadership are Good for Business

Posted by on June 22, 2015 at 7:45 AM

Every leader has likely encountered an employee who questions or decorously challenges some of the leader's ideas, or policies. While some leaders may feel uncomfortable or downright agitated by these employees; leaders should welcome feedback from employees who have the moxie to question their proposed actions. In fact, employees who respectfully shakeup the status quo can be good for the organization.


How are employees who challenge leadership decisions good for business?  When the validity of certain decisions, policies, or proposed practices are questioned, senior managers should listen and consider the employee's viewpoint. The employee may offer a different perspective, fresh idea, or an innovative approach that is more conducive to helping leaders make better decisions that can lead to product/service improvements, or better customer satisfaction, for example.


Strong, confident leaders embrace and encourage employees to give them honest and open feedback. Encouraging employees to challenge ideas and give feedback lets them know that their opinions matter. empowers employees by giving them the opportunity to take part in decisions that affect them.


Encouraging the sharing of ideas and suggestions, builds a greater level of employee trust and respect for their leaders.  According to Kenneth Daum  employees need to feel that leadership appreciates their contribution and values their participation. One sure way to show employees that they are valued and appreciated, is to give them open lines of communication where they can share their feelings and opinions.


In a recent Huffington Post interview," target="_blank">Deborah Sakellarios and Alana Duff advised, "It takes commitment and dedication to improve one's leadership capabilities and it's important to remember that great leaders are not afraid to hire people who can challenge the conventional wisdom and bring complementary skills to an organization."



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