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We live in an entertainment-based society in America.  Athletes, entertainers, and other celebrities are paid exponentially more than teachers, social workers, and those in social service professions.  This same sentiment has impacted the way we now scrutinize job applicants...Now resumes need to have "action" verbs, show results, and basically entertain the hiring manager to the point of piquing interest to grant an interview.  Yes, hiring practices have evolved from "Tell me what you did" to "Show me how well you performed" (entertainment).  This mental quest for entertainment value in resumes has led to positions being held open for ridiculously long periods of time; searches being opened, closed, only to be reopened, etc.  Hiring managers spend so much time looking for "Mr. or Ms. Right" that they forego many top quality candidates!  Newsflash!  The worse applicant can write a mesmerizing cover letter and scintillating resume to get him or her invited in for an interview, and still not be the right candidate for the job.  This whole movement of sizing up job applications by entertainment value must be stopped and the methods for selecting qualified job applicants should be revisited and revised.  I'd like to know what you think. Reply to my comments by sharing your opinion on this month's question. "Has the need for entertainment affected hiring practices?"

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